Long Term Recovery

Are you, or is someone you know, ready to live a drug-free and alcohol-free life? Call us at 1-833-228-4222 and our team of experts will assist you with the admissions process.

When you combine substance abuse with little-to-no effective life skills, you have a “failure to launch”. This results in low self-esteem, poor habits, unhealthy relationships, and an inability to live independently. It often leads to legal troubles and serious medical and mental health issues requiring treatment longer than 30 days.


At Spartan Recovery, we provide intense, purposeful care, focusing on clinical and medical treatment, the 12-steps, health and wellness and useful life skills. For those seeking our help, we ask for a few basic things: honesty, a willingness to change, the ability to follow direction, and patience. We look at each person as an individual, creating a treatment program based upon his specific needs. Lengths of stay vary based upon progress, not just time.


  • Individual Counseling

  • Recreational Activities and Team Building

  • 12 - Step Education

  • Family Counseling and Education

  • Recovery Planning for Relapse Prevention