Who We Serve

Are you, or is someone you know, ready to live a drug-free and alcohol-free life? Call us at 1-833-228-4222 and our team of experts will assist you with the admissions process.


Mission Statement

Spartan Recovery is dedicated to helping men 18 – 26 recover from the devastating affects of substance abuse and resulting mental health issues. We accomplish this by providing focused and intentional clinical, medical and health & wellness programs combined with real-world life skills transforming our clients into successful, sober, responsible, independent young men.

Core Values

  • Treat Each Person as an Individual With Respect and Dignity

  • Provide Intentional Care Starting from the Acute Phase Through the Return to Their Home Community​

  • In Addition to Counseling, Offer Real-World Life Skills to Help the Individual Achieve Successful, Independent Living​

  • Ensure the Entire Treatment Process Supports the Ideals of Recovery, in Course Studies and in Actions

  • Continue to Seek New Ways to Increase the Quality  of Care

  • Provide Ongoing Education and Support for Staff